Free Media Converter: Top 3 Picks for Media File Format Conversion

There’re hundreds of multimedia formats, however our player is always limited to several. To play incompatible media formats with your media player, for example play MKV on iPhone, we need a media converter to perform file format transformation in advance. Such kind of program could be online or desktop-based, paid or free. If you’re just in need of a desktop-based free media converter to change multimedia formats, you come to the right place. We have singled out top 3 free media converters and offered all-embracing reviews and download links.

Top 3 Free Media Converters Review and Download

1. WinX Video Converter

Platform: Windows, Mac
Media conversion mode: video to video, video to audio, video to image
Download links: (for Windows 10 and earlier) (for macOS Sierra and lower)

WinX Video Converter is a clean and free video media converter, specially designed to convert virtually all video media files to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP and more video formats as well as audio formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, M4R, WMA and FLAC. Besides, it offers premade optimized profiles for all popular devices and websites to help non-technical users achieve a perfect media conversion. This media converter allows users to utilize multiple CPU cores (up to 8) and applies Super Transcoding Engine to accelerate conversion speed (up to 15-20x real time speed).

* Support a wide range of input and output formats
* Support batch conversion
* No watermark
* Offer edit options: trim, crop, merge, adjust video audio parameters, etc.
* Image capture is available
* Free from any adware, malware, spyware and the like
* Straightforward user interface

* Unable to import audio, DVDs and Blu-rays for conversion

>> Learn more about WinX Video Converter

2. Handbrake

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Media conversion mode: video to video, DVD to video, Blu-ray to video
Download links: (for Windows 7 to 10) (for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12)

Handbrake is a free and open-source media converter. Not only can it convert videos from nearly any video format to MP4/MKV, but also features the ability to digitize unprotected DVD and Blu-ray sources. Plus, it comes with some device profiles to make it easier for non-tech savvy users. Conversion process requires for 3 basic steps: load source file -> choose output -> hit Start and the like button to get conversion started.

* Embrace DVDs and Blu-rays as inputs besides videos
* Deliver output files without watermark
* Provide a selection of edit options for advanced users
* It isn’t bundled with harmful stuff.

* A bit difficult to use for starters
* Very limited output formats

>> Learn more about Handbrake

3. Format Factory

Platform: Windows
Media conversion mode:
video to video, video to audio, audio to audio, DVD to video, music CD to audio, image to image
Download links:

Format Factory is a multifunctional free media converter capable of converting video, audio and picture formats to others. Moreover, it is able to rip DVD to video and music CD to audio. And it also allows you to convert media files for your devices, such as iPhone and iPod. It is built with 60+ languages, thus people from foreign countries can understand it effortlessly.

* Compatible with a variety of media file types
* Batch conversion is allowed

* It is ad-supported
* Unstable to convert media files
*Out-dated interface
* Cuts aren’t precise

>> Learn more about Format Factory

3 Clean Freeware to Help Crop Video on Windows (10)

Get 3 absolutely free and clean tools to crop video on Windows PC without paying for any video editor, removing the unwanted areas from video as you desired.

Sometimes the desktop computer itself is not as powerful as mobile phones. For example iPhone’s native app can help free cut video without downloading anything else, while Windows computer is threw into the shade. Because there’s no first-party program competent to do video cropping task, even including Windows Movie Maker, which is implied to have video cropping feature from many online articles.

So what should Windows users turn to when they tend to free crop a video on computer? We here single three additional, slick and transparent-to-use helpers out to have those in need to fall back to.

Helper 1 – WinX Video Converter

Recommendation: ★★★★★
Self-define the crop area: Y
Crop and preview the effect at the same time: Y

Windows platform: Windows 2000/2003/XP, Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit)  Download for Windows NOW

Guide on how to free crop a video with WinX Video Converter:
Step 1. Fire up the software and click “+ Video” to select and open source video you want to crop (also supports direct drag-and-drop).
Step 2. Choose output format like MP4, AVI, MOV etc.
Step 3. Click on “Edit” icon to pup up a smaller windows.
Step 4. Navigate to “Crop & Expand” section, check “Enable Crop” option, and then it’s the right time to select your desired crop shape by setting the position & size or just adjust the dashed box aping in the video to crop out unwanted sections of video. 5 easy and commonly used cropping modes are listed under “Crop Original” to change the representing ratio without video distorting or quality losing). After the setting, just click “Done” to proceed.
Step 5. Browse and select a folder to save the cropped video, and then tap “RUN” button.

Helper 2 – HandBrake

Recommendation: ★★★
Self-define the crop area: Y
Crop and preview the effect at the same time: N

Windows platform: Windows 7 to 10 (64 BIT)
Download for Windows NOW

Steps of free cropping video with HandBrake:
Open the source video file -> Choose container, video codec or directly select a ready-made output preset -> In the “Picture” board, check “Custom” under “Cropping” -> Set the crop value for Top/Bottom/Left/Right -> After previewing with no problem, just reset the file name in destination folder -> Hit “Start Encode” to free crop video.

Helper 3 – VLC Media Player

Recommendation: ★★
Self-define the crop area: Y
Crop and preview the effect at the same time: N

Windows platform: All versions of Windows, from Windows XP SP3 to the latest Windows 10. Download for Windows NOW 

Steps of free cropping video with VLC:
In this way, you have to reset the preferences under “Tools” by clicking “All” under “Show settings” to enter into an “Advanced Preferences” box. Then head over to “Filters” and select “Croppadd” in the drop-down list. In the right panel of “Video cropping filter”, pixels to crop from the top, bottom, left and right can all be customized. Then return to the Filters board, pay a tick on the checkbox “Video Scaling Filter“.

After the settings being saved, just click “Convert / Save” to add the local video, and click “Convert” to move into another box, where you should “Start” to realize the cropping after “Video cropping filter” option checked under Edit selected profile -> Video codec -> Filters, the destination file folder is chosen and file name is typed. Soon, the cropped video will be converted and saved onto your computer.
[Simple & Easy Video Tutorial on YouTube] – How to CROP & SAVE Videos in VLC Media Player |2.2

Note: VLC seems to deliver crop video feature in certain aspect ratio (like 16:9, 4:3, 5:4 and 1:1) at “Crop” pull-down list of “Video” option in the top menu bar. But it can just change the video ratio, not cropping any unwanted area off the video.

Must-have Free FLV Converter – Convert Any Video Format to FLV and Vice Versa

FLV format is widely used for online streaming. To watch videos offline, we always choose to download them locally, but only to find that these FLV videos can’t be accepted by our devices. Then, we need to convert FLV video to MP4 or other compatible format. Besides, sometimes we also need to convert video to FLV. To perform FLV conversion, a FLV converter is indispensible.

We have many FLV video converters to choose. Online free video converter is an option, but this solution is often restricted to file size and network connection. Alternatively, we can download an open-source video transcoder like Handbrake. But because of its own properties, it is not at par with professional programs like WinX Video Converter, in terms of features, speed, and so on.

Review on WinX Video Converter – a Must-have Free FLV Video Converter

As a desktop-based video converter, it works even without network connection. Free as it is, it doesn’t set file size limitation. Check below, and see how powerful it is.

* Convert virtually all video formats to FLV.
It is built with over 300 video and audio codecs, thus allowing you to input almost any video format for converting to FLV. There’s no difficult converting MP4 to FLV, MKV to FLV, AVCHD to FLV, etc. Supported video resolution is up to 8K.

* Convert FLV to popular videos, devices, and audios.
Conversely, you can also convert FLV videos downloaded from YouTube or other places to other popular video formats, like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. There’re hundreds of profiles for Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes), Android (Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Kindle Fire), Microsoft (Windows Phone, Surface, Xbox), Chromecast, Sony, and others. Moreover, you can extract audio from FLV video as MP3, AAC or other format.

* Edit videos before executing FLV file conversion.
For those people requiring for video editing, it can do some favor. It arrives with several basic editing options, including trim, crop, merge, and so forth.

* Fast conversion speed.
Transcoding speed is one of the most important factors when evaluating a video converter. A fast tool can save users much time. Dig this free FLV converter deeply, we find out it features superfast conversion speed owing to its support for Super Transcoding Engine and Multi-core CPU (up to 8 cores) and other optimized configuring.

So, WinX Video Converter is an all-in-one, full-fledged, fast yet free FLV converter.

Guide on How to Use This Free FLV File Converter?

Here we take FLV to MP4 conversion on Windows 10 as an example. Before any further, we need to download and install this no-charge FLV converting software. (for Windows 10 and earlier) (for macOS Sierra and lower)

Step 1. Load FLV videos.
There’re two ways to import target FLV videos: click “+ Video” button to browse and select; drag and drop them into main window. It’s your freedom to input a single one or multiple files for conversion.

Step 2. Select MP4 as the output.
There’re many MP4 output profiles under different groups. Simply choose one based on your own needs. For example, if you want to convert FLV to MP4 for playback on Mac, you can go to “Mac General Video“, and select “MP4 Video (H264)” or “MP4 Video (MPEG4)“.

Step 3. Start converting FLV to MP4.
If nothing to adjust, you can hit “RUN“, the last button you should trouble. Then this free FLV converter will begin working instantly.

20 Seconds, Convert (YouTube) Videos to MP3 for Free with High Quality

Want to extract audio from recorded or download videos/movies and save it as MP3, or convert YouTube music videos to MP3 song for listening on portable devices? No matter when you rush into a need for converting video to MP3 file, this post provides best free solution. A stellar free video to MP3 converter is gonna help convert MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV (YouTube), MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, MOD and many more to MP3 audio without quality loss in 3 easy steps on Windows (10). Converting a 5-minute YouTube music video to MP3 only costs 20 seconds (also depend on internet speed).

Absolutely Free Way to Convert Various Videos to MP3

WinX Video Converter, always the first choice of users, has gained a very popular reputation and much favorable comments from users over the past 11 years. It is known for free, fast, clean, secure, easy-to-use, and fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

This battle-hardened free Windows (10) video converter is known for capable of converting most input videos to MP3, AAC, iPhone Ringtone, AC3, etc. with lossless quality, as well as converting any mainstream videos like HD videos MKV, AVCHD, MTS, M2TS; SD videos MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, H.264, MOV; Online videos like YouTube FLV, 3GP, WebM, etc., just name a few. It equips with 300+ output audio/video codecs and 280+ device profiles incl. latest iPhone iPad models. Batch converting is available. The conversion speed is 15-20x real time faster.

You can also trim a preferred video clip and convert a specific part to MP3. Also, you can merge several videos and output into one single MP3 audio file. Besides, if you want to get a desired output audio effect, this free video to MP3 converter allows you to freely adjust audio codec, bit rate, channel, sample rate.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 for Free?

Since WinX Video Converter is 100% clean and safe, you could rest assured to download and install free WinX Video Converter on your Windows (10) PC. Then follow the step-by-step guide to easily convert video to MP3, rip MP3 from YouTube video, or extract audio from any other 4K/HD/SD video and save it as MP3.

Download WinX Video Converter for Windows (10)Download WinX Video Converter for Mac

Step 1: Load source video file
Run the best free video to MP3 converter. Click + Video button on the top-left corner to open the video selection window to add source video file into the software. You can add more than one video files at a time.

Step 2: Choose MP3 as output
After you chose the input video file, you can see a pop-up Output Profile window. Select to Music > MP3 as the output profile. You can click Edit icon to trim video clip, or click that wheel icon to open parameter settings window to freely change audio codec, channel, sample rate, etc.

Step 3: Start Converting video to MP3
On the bottom of the program, you can click Browse button to select a destination folder to save the MP3 file. Then start extracting audio from video and convert it to MP3 by hitting RUN button. 5 minutes YouTube music video can be converted to MP3 within 20 seconds.

Afterwards, you can play the MP3 file in iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Android and other MP3 players or set it as ringtone as you wish.

Web or Desktop YouTube to MP3 Converter? Which One Is Better?

YouTube has been a Google subdidiary for over 10 years. As the biggest video sharing site with both global and United States Alexa ranked in 2, it attracts over 1 billion hours of video content in a single day according to an official announcement in February, 2017. Music video, as a crucial part of YouTube, appeals to many music lovers here to follow their idols’ new singles/albums, know better about the recent popular tracks and hits from a wide range of genres, or just enjoy some full music festival/entertainment shows.

To those who want to convert YouTube to MP3 on computer, only extracting the audio track portion from YouTube music or other videos as MP3 format, here we will impart you a review and analysis of YouTube to MP3 converters, including the online services, browser plug-ins and third-party software for computer.

1. Computer-based YouTube to MP3 Converter Software

Recommended for: users who want to get fast, stable and secure YouTube to MP3 tool.
User Experience Level: ★★★★★

● Faster downloading and transferring speed than any online converters;
● 100% stable and safe to do the conversion on computer;
● Support downloading and converting YouTube to MP3 in bulk;
● Convert YouTube to iPhone ringtone and more audio formats;

● It will cost user some time to download, install and maybe upgrade the software during using.

Hot YouTube to MP3 converters:
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Freemake Video Converter
KeepVid Pro

Steps using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe:
Click corresponding YouTube function icon -> Copy, paste and analyze the video information with available options listed -> Choose one as you prefer and check “Auto convert” -> Choose MP3 as target format -> RUN the YouTube to MP3 on computer.

2. Online YouTube to MP3 Service Websites

Recommended for: users who need to convert YouTube to MP3 occasionally.
User Experience Level: ★★★★

● Nothing to install;
● Highly intuitive YouTube to MP3 process with only an URL

● Many online converter sites contain ads, virus pop-ups and alike, which will influence the user experience and may do harm to the computer once you clicked them.
● Unstable and unsafe for legal or other reasons.
● Not supports multi-threaded YouTube video to MP3 shifting.

The music industry has waged the war to the flourishing online YouTube to MP3 services for years. For example was blocked by Google for a period of time in 2016 due to the aggressive lawsuit by Universal, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Until now, although it’s accessible, YouTube video still cannot be converted into MP3 while an error message presents “We are sorry, this service is not available from your jurisdiction.”

Hot sites:

Steps using onlinevideoconverter:
Copy and paste the video URL into the black address bar -> Choose MP3 audio format -> Start and finish the conversion -> Download transferred MP3 file from online.

3. Third-party YouTube to MP3 Extensions for Browser

Recommended for: users who wish to download YouTube to MP3 without copying URL
User Experience Level: ★★

● 1-click YouTube MP3 converting.

● It’s usually hard to find out a good-to-install and easy-to-use one-click plugin.
● Not supports batch downloading at a time.

Bottom Line: You May Not Know

Many online YouTube to MP3 sites also provide related add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. On one side, some of these are usually a little bit complex for computer newbies to install, like YouTube addon for Chrome needs TamperMonkey extension added here in advance. On the other side, many plugins are the ramifications of online services, whose ultimate goal is to lead users to enter into its official page to do the conversion task just like the online YouTube to MP3 service. It is no exaggeration to name those kinds of plugins “fake one-click YouTube to MP3”.

Moreover, the one-click YouTube downloader tools like “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” can only detect possible video and audio download links of YouTube video, not including an independent MP3 option. Therefore, here we didn’t demonstrate the steps.

So web YouTube to MP3 service vs. self-governed YouTube to MP3 software, who’s superior to the other one? The answers may vary from user to user. We think the one that suites you most is the best, just like Coco Chanel said – “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you! “

[External reading] Is it legal to download YouTube MP3? Check the details here:

What Is HEVC Encoding? How to Encode to HEVC (H.265) Videos?

HEVC (full name: High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265 successor to H.264, turns to be the trending video compressor standard attributing to its better compression at the same level of quality, which equals to improved quality at the same bit rate. Nowadays, HEVC has been used in many aspects of digital world, such as online streaming services (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon), blu-ray, digital cameras, mobile devices and so on, for supporting and presenting UHD 4K/8K video content.

Actually, HEVC encoding is a necessity for making a 4K or 8K video. What is HEVC encoding?

We should learn something about video encoding at first. In short, video encoding is to compress a video by eliminating spatial and temporal redundancy of frames, encoding similarities and only storing differences between frames. Through this process, the video data which is presented as a series of frames, can be reduced in a smaller size. If HEVC is used as compression standard during video encoding, we can take this process as HEVC encoding.

How to Encode to HEVC Video?

HEVC encoder is a good helper leading us to encode a HEVC video with high quality but small size. In the following, I will show how to use 2 tools, HandBrake and WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to output a video encoded with HEVC.

HEVC Encoding via HandBrake
HandBrake is an open-source multiplatform transcoder available to convert DVD/video to MKV and MP4 format. It builds in x265 codec making a reality to encode a file to HEVC video.

Steps as below:
1. Download HandBrake: After getting handbrake.exe file, double click it to install HandBrake on your computer.

2. Open HandBrake and click File/Open a single video file option to add source file you want to encode to HEVC video.

3. After the source video is loaded, move to Presets panel on right of the interface. Select any H.265 preset under Matroska category. The output setting (MKV by default) and parameters are will be auto set according to the chosen preset.
Also, you can select MP4 as container format and change video codec as H.265 (x265) under Video parameter tab to create a MP4 video encoded with HEVC.

4. Now, browse to set a destination for saving HEVC video and give a title for it.

5. Click Start Encode button to encode the original video for encoding to HEVC file.

HEVC Encoding via WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is another recommended tool for HEVC encoding. It specializes in encoding and decoding HD/UHD (4K/8K) videos. Compared to more technical HandBrake, this WinX Video Converter is suitable for all levels of users – from beginners to veteran. Apart from using HEVC codec for video encoding, it is equipped with High Quality Engine to optimize video/audio quality of resulting HEVC video and Hardware Encoder, Multi-core CPU utility to accelerate conversion speed.

Steps as Below:
1. Download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe: (from Windows) (for Mac)

2. After it is installed on your computer, launch it. Click +Video button to import the source video file.
3. Once the video is loaded, Output Profile window appears. Find PC General Video under Common Video Profile category. Click it and select HEVC Video as output format.
4. Browse to set destination folder and click RUN button to start HEVC encoding.

1. Advanced users can freely customize video and audio parameters to reach a desired effect for better playback on different devices or other purposes.

2. This WinX HEVC encoder provides basic editing tools help users crop/trim video, add external subtitle and merge videos into one for HEVC encoding.

2017 Top 3 Free MP4 Converters for PC/Mac – Free Download & Review

A MP4 converter is primarily used to change video format from MP4 to others or others to MP4. MP4 converter is in need for multiple reasons. Sometimes, incompatible videos (M2TS, MKV, AVI etc.) should be converted as MP4 for flawlessly playing on devices or sharing online. In turn, special requirements lead us to convert MP4 to other formats (for example FLV, 3GP) for size reducing. Here, I list top 3 ranked free MP4 converters of 2017 with free download links and detailed reviews.

Part 1: Top 3 Free MP4 Converters Free Download & Review
Part 2: Speed Comparison of Top 3 Free MP4 Converters

WinX Video Converter – No.1 Free MP4 Converter

• Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32 & 64 bit), XP, 2003, 2000, NT, 98
• Mac OS X Tiger to macOS Sierra with Mac version

Download: (for Windows) (for Mac)

WinX Video Converter supports a wide range of video formats, containing UHD 4K, HD, SD, web videos and outputs MP4 (HEVC/MPEG4/H.264) as well as other video/audio formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MP3, FLAC, AAC and more. It can also convert (MP4) videos to various devices, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Xbox, Sony PlayStation etc, with fully matched codecs and parameters. More than a free MP4 converter, it offers basic video editing tools allowing us to crop, trim, merge videos; add external subtitles; and customize video/audio options.

• Intuitive interface, easy-to-operation.
• I converted a MKV video to H.264 and a MP4 video to AVI. Both resulting files keep fairly clear image and great audios.
• It preset rich profiles of virtually all video/audio formats, and popular devices (even newest).
• It is virus-free, 100% clean, no ads or plug-ins on interface.

• It is not available to free download online videos unless getting its upgrade version – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

HandBrake – No.2 Free MP4 Converter

OS: Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64 bit), Mac OS X 10.7 to macOS Sierra (10.12), Ubuntu Deb

HandBrake is an open source video transcoder which specializes in converting DVD/videos to MP4 or MKV formats. From Dec. 24, 2016, HandBrake was released with a major update version 1.0.0 bringing new encoder (VP9) in addition to legacy encoders (H.265/H.264/MPEG-4/MPEG-2), presets (HD, web, more MKV and devices profiles) and other enhancement on video quality, conversion speed. Like WinX Video Converter, HandBrake offers several video/audio settings enabling us to adjust resolution, frame rate, bit rate etc, as well as editing options to crop video and import subtitles.

• Multi-platforms supported. Ease of use.
• More customized options help advanced users to output a MP4 video with a desired effect.
• It is safe and clean. No harmful bundled software is found.

• It is qualified as a MP4 converter but not a versatile converter providing less output formats, only MP4 and MKV.
• It only enables to crop video and set subtitles, no trim or merge option.
• When I’m converting multiple videos to MP4, it only works for first 1 or 2 files while leaving crash when transcoding others.

Any Video Converter Free (AVC Free) – No.3 MP4 Converter

OS: Windows 10 or lower, Mac OS X Leopard to OS X Yesomite with Mac version.

Download: (for Windows ) (for Mac)

Any Video Converter Free is a versatile free video converter capable of changing video formats from one to another. It supports 100+ inputs and 160+ outputs not only including general video and audio formats, but a diverse of devices embracing Apple/Android/Windows devices, smart TVs, game consoles and more. Available editing options lead us to crop, trim, rotate and add effects for videos. In addition, video/audio parameters can be modified. The bonus feature is that it enables us to free download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, LiveLeak, Metacafe and Niconico.

• Straightforward design.
• It supports abundant inputs and outputs and can handle online video downloading task.
• It has the most editing features among the top 3 free MP4 converters.

• During installation, it will ask you if installing additional software ByteFence. You needn’t agree to install this software. It’s useless.
• Open the profile list. I’m glad to see various device profiles (*.mp4) but I should find carefully to get a general MP4 profile not for specific mobile gadget.

Speed Comparison of Top 3 Free MP4 Converters

Conversion speed of a MP4 converter is the most concerned and output quality is another thing to consider. So, I do a speed comparison test of the top 3 free MP4 converters.

• What to do: Convert a MKV file to MP4 (H.264) with original resolution.
• Source MKV File:
Length: 00:03:28
Resolution: 1280×720
Bitrate: 64kbps
Frame rate: 23 fps
Size: 46.9MB
• Computer: Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit), Intel Core i5-4460 CPU, 8GB RAM

WinX Video Converter
Speed: 60 seconds (h264)/Quality: Nearly Lossless

Speed: 90 seconds (x264)/Quality: Great
Speed: 30 seconds (x264 Intel QSV)/Quality: A little sacrificed

AVC Free
Speed: 75 seconds (x264)/Quality: Great

Bottom Line

All 3 free MP4 converters are powerful enough to transcode MP4 videos. WinX Video Converter is the best choice if you want to a clean, fast MP4 converter while delivering high quality. If only focus on speed, pick HandBrake and use x264 Intel QSV encoder. If you hope to download online videos to MP4, AVC Free can satisfy you.

Best Free Mac Video Converter: for All Popular Video Conversions on Mac

Part 1: What’s the Best Free Mac Video Converter?
Part 2: Guide on How to Convert DVD to MP4 for Free on Mac
Part 3: Top 3 Free Video Converters for Mac

– “Can you list some easy-to-use Mac video converters, free or paid ones, which can convert 4K/HD videos like MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, etc. to the most compatible MP4 format?”
– “I record some precious videos of my baby using my Sony HD camcorder camera and I want to convert and compress them to MP4 with a condensed size, so I can send the video to his grandma in Canada. I use MacBook Pro, so I need a free video converter for Mac.”

I have tried some video conversion programs, some seem to choke on dropouts, and others generate flaws in the output video file. A smart free video converter should have the ability to generate a converted video smoothly and in the meantime decrease the output file size substantially without noticeable loss of video quality. Here we’ll gonna try a free video converter for Mac which can make effective tradeoffs in output video quality and file size, to give you an exceptional video watching experience on MacBook Pro/Air, iMac or mobile devices.

What’s the Best Free Video Converter for Mac?

WinX Video Converter for Mac, the world’s most popular free video converter for Mac, since 2006. This smart Mac video converter is the fastest, easiest to use for converting 4K UHD videos, HD camcorders, and regular videos for free on MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, etc.

Supported OS: macOS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.
Input: 4K video, HD video like AVCHD Video (*.mts, *.m2ts), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (*.mp4), MPEG2 HD Video (*.mpg; *.mpeg), MPEG-4 TS HD Video (*.ts), MPEG-2 TS HD Video (*.ts), Quick Time HD Video (*.mov), WMV HD Video (*.wmv, *.xwmv), Blu-ray Video (*.mts, *.m2ts), HDTV Video (*.ts), Matroska Video (*.mkv)
Output: MP4, AVI, MOV; iPhone, iPod; MP3, AAC, iPhone Ringtone, AC3, WMA, AIFF, DTS, OGG, WAV, FLAC, ALAC; PNG

Main features:
• The only free Mac video converter supports converting 4K, 1080p multi-track videos incl. MKV, M2TS, AVCHD and BDAV, etc. to mainstream videos in MP4, AVI, MOV.
• Versatile editing features come at hand, like customizing video resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc.
• Equipped with built-in High Quality Engine and De-interlacing Engine, this tool delivers highest output video quality.
• Multi-Core CPU and Hyper-threading technology enable it to convert videos at superfast speed.
• It also supports creating Photo Slideshow for free.

[Guide] How to Use WinX Video Converter for Mac to Convert Videos

1. Download and Install Free Mac Video Converter
Free download and install WinX Video Converter for Mac on macOS Sierra/El Capitan, etc. This free program has a simple and intuitive interface. You can easily use to convert MKV to MP4, AVI to MP4.

2. Add the Source Video
Click + Video icon on the top-left and choose the source video you’d like to convert to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. WinX Video Converter for Mac Free Edition allows you to batch convert video files, so you can add multiple video files to the queue.

3. Choose Output Profile
Select an output video format depending on your own needs. You can choose popular MP4, AVI, MOV as the output, as well as mobile device profiles, web video formats, DVD profiles, HD profiles, etc.

4. Edit Video and Adjust V/A Settings
Click “Edit” icon to open the video editing window to trim, crop video. You can also click the wheel icon next to profile to open the parameter settings window to change video/audio settings.

5. Start Video Conversion
Specify a destination folder by clicking “Browse” button. Finally hit “RUN” to convert video to MP4/AVI/MOV, etc. on Mac for free.

Top 3 Free Video Converters for Mac

1. Handbrake
Rating: ★★★★☆
Platform: Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12
Developer: Handbrake

2. Any Video Converter free for Mac
Rating: ★★★★☆
Platform: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Developer: Anvsoft

3. FFmpeg
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 or above

Convert MP4 Files on Windows (10)? Freeware Is Powerful Enough!

Part 1: What’s the Best Free MP4 Video Converter?
Part 2: Full Comparison of 5 Top MP4 Converter
Part 3: [Tutorial] How to Convert MP4 Videos?

We have no doubt about the leadership of MP4 in multimedia world, which balances the file size and quality much better than any other formats. But no servant can serve all masters well, just like MP4 to various media playback requirements. The player is the chooser, and MP4 is actually rejected by many products like WP8 pads, Microsoft Surface gadgets and some outdated mobile phones. Moreover, MP4 is not suitable for further editing. All above reasons make converting MP4 (to AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MP3, 3GP etc.) an imperative job to do.

A wealth of software can be found online that purports to convert various videos including MP4, and usually all advertised as “the best free”. If you’re an experienced hand, congratulations, you can distinguish their differences and select out a suitable MP4 video converter. If not, well, this post may do some help.

Firstly, let’s go to check some top-ranked free video converter on the web:
1. [With optional adware] Freemake Video Converter: Two pieces of software are bundled during the installation: ByteFence anti-malware tool & MyPCBackUp computer backup app.
2. [With optional adware] Any Video Converter: It also has additional adware (ByteFence) recommended during the installing.
3. [Clean but with its player installed with no choice] Wondershare Video Converter: No ads during the setup. However, it will automatically change the default video player to Wondershare video player, which is built in the converter once being installed on the Windows PC. It won’t start another same MP4 conversion again.

More powerful and absolutely clean video converter freeware with no top rankings based on public praises
1. HandBrake: As a strong open-sourced video transcoder, HandBrake is always doing its utmost to meets any video conversion needs, of course MP4 video conversion included. Although the version 1.0 has enriched the output presets and added new VP9/Opus into Matroska, it can only convert MP4 to video with container of MP4 and MKV, which means HandBrake cannot convert MP4 to AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, DVD or any other media formats. Many related tutorials online guiding you to do so are really plain crap.

2. WinX Video Converter: As one of the freebies from Digiarty, a world-leading developer of (personal and home-use) video audio applications based on Windows and macOS, WinX Video Converter always keeps its healthy figure for over 8 years. Despite WinX Video Converter doesn’t rank higher than many competitors, it’s not inferior to them at all.

Full Comparison of Five MP4 Converters Above

1. Overview
The following shows basic info of MP4 converters we would like to compare.

WinX Video Converter
Size: 38.4 MB
Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit)
Output: 300+ built-in video & audio codes make it support all general  formats supported by other converters. (With hundreds of device profile)
Hardware Acceleration: No

Size: 10.1 MB (for latest 1.0.3 version)
Windows OS: Windows 7 – 10 (only 64 bit)
Output: MP4 (H.264/ H.265, MPEG2/4), MKV(H.264/ H.265, MPEG2/4, VP8/VP9/Theora)(No audio output)
Handware Acceleration: Intel QSV (only available for converting MP4 to H.264 MKV)

Freemake Video Converter
Size: 33.1 MB
Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Output: 500+ formats & profiles
Hardware Acceleration: No

Any Video Converter
Size: 49.0 MB
Windows OS: Windows 2000 SP4/XP/Vista, Windows 7/8/10(32 & 64 bit)
Output: 160+ formats & profiles
Hardware Acceleration: No

Wondershare Video Converter
Size: 783 KB
Windows OS: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit)
Output: 150+ formats
Hardware Acceleration: GPU Accelerate
(Only 10 MP4 files can be converted with this high speed conversion.)

2. Speed Comparison
What We Test: Which MP4 converter can deliver the fastest speed to convert MP4 to differnt formats?
Source MP4 Video: 5-min, 54.1 MB, 720 x 406, 25fps
Operation System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Tech: 1-pass encoding

WinX Video Converter
Convert MP4 to MKV (H.264): 34s
Convert MP4 to AVI (DivX): 45s
Convert MP4 to MP3: 10s
Note: Clean UI and super easy for beginner.

Convert MP4 to MKV (H.264): 42s (H.264)/17s (H.264 QSV)
Convert MP4 to AVI (DivX): Not Support
Convert MP4 to MP3: Not Support
Note: Comprehensive output settings for advanced users.

Freemake Video Converter
Convert MP4 to MKV (H.264): 53s
Convert MP4 to AVI (DivX): 35s
Convert MP4 to MP3: 20s
Note: Kindly delivers “Export to iTunes” and more functions with output file size listed.

Any Video Converter
Convert MP4 to MKV (H.264): 40s
Convert MP4 to AVI (DivX): 39s
Convert MP4 to MP3: 9s
Note: Every time the MP4 conversion is finished, a promotion box will pop up.

Wondershare Video Converter
Convert MP4 to MKV (H.264): 35s/13s (with GPU acceleration)
Convert MP4 to AVI (DivX): 24s
Convert MP4 to MP3: 15s
Note: After converting 10 MP4 files using GPU accelerate, user has to upgrade to enjoy this tech again.

[wikiHow Time] How to Convert MP4 with the Easiest WinX (MP4) Video Converter

Follow the guide below to perform its MP4 converting function on Windows with me.

1. Please visit the official page of WinX Video Converter:, click big green “Free Download” button to download its .exe file on your PC, and install it on the computer in clicks once the downloading is done.

2. It’s better to prepare the MP4 video(s) in a certain folder for converting to other formats. Next, double click winx-video-converter.exe on the desktop to launch WinX Video Converter.

3. Drag MP4 video(s) into it or click “+ Video” to load it/them from PC. Here 3 MP4 files are imported into software at one time .

4. Choose one output format in the profile dialog, where all PC/Mac/Web/DVD video formats and music audio formats are provided. If you’re a layman about choosing a specific format, the software also listed you all of the mainstream device models for selecting. Here we set “AVI Video” under “PC General Video” category as the output format.

5. Click “Edit” to add adjust the audio volume, choose inner (if it has) or add extra subtitles, crop/expand video or trim video content by setting start and end time of video content.

6. Click setting icon to fine tune video or audio parameters, among which the resolution is changed with high frequency to fit for devices.

7. Every one has his or her own habit to locate files, so just keep it up by clicking “Browse” to select (destination) folder to save the output videos.

8. Check “Safe Mode” and tap “RUN” to start the MP4 conversion. When batch converting MP4 files, checking “Merge Output Video” would combine all of the output videos into a single one.

Now, wait for the MP4 converting to complete.

2017 Best Free Video Format Converter to Convert Video Files to MP4, MP3, AVI, etc.

Q 1: “I need a video format converter to convert YouTube (.flv) to MP4/MP3 for playing YouTube videos on mobiles.”
Q 2: “I really need a M2TS video to MP4 converter to convert the M2TS video recorded by my Canon Camcorder so that I can play the video on my iPhone 7.”
Q 3: “Where can I get a good video converter including download address? What’s the best free video converter for Windows (10)? It better doesn’t contain any annoying adware or malware.”

Search for 2017 Best Free Video Format Converter?

Video format conversion has been a common need in our life. Whenever you find the video is not compatible for the target device, you need a video format converter to help convert video from one format to another. With a free video format converter in hand, you can easily convert MKV, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV and more to the popular MP4 format on Windows (10) or Mac, for limitless playback on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

In this post, we will review some top free video format converters in 2017 and make some comparisons of them according to test. As for solid free video converter and free online video converter, which one do you prefer to choose? How to convert any video to MP4/MP3 with the best free video converter 2017 by exporting best quality.

Some Top 2017 Free Video Format Converters

There are many top free video format converters which can help you convert videos files to MP4, MP3, AVI, etc., but which one to choose? We made a test of using WinX Video Converter, Freemake, Any Video Converter to convert MKV to MP4, convert AVI video to MP4 under the same computer environment, to compare their video conversion performances, such as, video conversion speed, time cost, output video quality and size, and errors/problems.

Computer for the test: Windows 10 Pro; Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU; 8GB RAM; 64-bit OS. All other programs are closed when testing the MKV/AVI video to MP4 conversion process.

1. WinX Free Video Converter is the best comprehensive free video format converter for Windows (10) in regards to video conversion time, output video quality and size, smoothness, etc.
2. The biggest problem of using Any Video Converter Free to convert video is its output video quality is very poor, and the conversion process is often failed with an unplayable output video.
3. Freemake is a free video format converter with bundled adware, and the target output video size is very big, even larger than the source video file.

Solid Free Video Format Converter vs Free Online Video Converter

As for stand-alone solid free video format converter and online free video converter, which one to choose? In the long-term run, I’d prefer a solid one, since online video converters obviously have some drawbacks:
1. There must be an Internet connection for video converting.
2. The conversion process may be very slow.
3. The supported input and output video formats/device profiles are limited.
4. The output video quality has some loss and may be very poor.
5. Some free online video converter programs cannot save the output video file directly on computer, but require email address. And may contain some adware or virus harmful to computer.
6. Some other free online video converters to MP4 set a limited size for the input video file.

2017 Best Free Video Format Converter Review & Video Conversion Guide

To convert YouTube, Camcorder HD videos to MP4/MP3/AVI/MOV, etc. can be easily completed with this best free video format converter for Windows (10) and Mac – WinX Video Converter. It is especially designed for converting 8K/4K/HD 1080p/720p, 3D, VR movies, videos to MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge, etc. Its prominent features are as follows:
* Convert 8K/4K/1080p/720p HD video, MKV, AVCHD, MTS, AVI, MP4, MOV, HEVC/H.265, H.264, etc.
* Customize video quality & file size, add external SRT subtitle files to your video.
* 300+ built-in audio & video codecs. Preset 280+ device profiles incl. iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus, Galaxy S7/Edge, Sony Xperia, etc.
* Super-fast video conversion speed thanks to its Super Transcode Engine and Multi-core CPU.
* Output video with intact quality thanks to its embedded High Quality Engine and De-interlacing Engine.
* 100% clean and safe, with no adware or virus at all.

1. Free download, install and launch the best free video format converter on Windows 10/8/7, etc.

Download WinX Video Converter for Windows (10)Download WinX Video Converter for Mac2. Click “+ Video” button on the top left to add the source video file. Batch video conversion is supported.
3. Select the output profile from left column in the Output Profile window. MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV and many other formats are available to choose.
4. Click “Browse” button to save the target converted video file.
5. Hit “RUN” to start converting videos from one format to another without losing quality at lightning speed.